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Croux is an on-demand labor marketplace for restaurants and bars to solve temporary, recurring and long-term staffing needs.
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Reduce overtime, burnout, and turnover

With Croux, you can flex your staff only when you need extra help, reducing your labor costs, saving you time sourcing and hiring, and giving your core team an extra hand to keep them healthy and happy. Lean on Croux talent to support your existing team on busy nights, during high volume seasons, or for one-off events, whether you need a dishwasher, a bartender, or something in between.

Let Our Tech Do the Work

We've built a powerful tool to find the staff you need, fast. Let Croux handle staffing, so you can focus on running your business.

Hire Confidently

Our systems and processes ensure only the best talent remain on the platform. With our Trust Score that tracks behavior and feedback, there won't be any surprises.

Assemble Your Crew

Find talent that works well for your business? Add them to your favorites, so you can keep inviting them back. Over time, you'll build up your personal roster of aces.

Put Staffing on Auto-Pilot

Turn on auto-fill to let our systems make the hiring decisions based on your preferences and our proprietary data.


Frequently asked questions about Croux.
What kinds of roles can be filled with Croux?
You may use Croux to fill any roles that don't require driving or climbing. This includes:

Servers, Hosts, Runners, Bussers, Cashiers, Bartenders, Server Assistants

Prep, Line Cook, Banquet Cook, Utility, Dishwasher

Brand Ambassadors, Soft Security, Parking Attendants, Event Staff, Housekeeping/Custodial
What if I want to hire a Croux talent part-time or full-time?
Please review our terms & conditions for policies surrounding hiring Croux talent.
How do you find/vet talent?
Our talent community mostly grows via word of mouth. When talent sign up, their identity is verified, work eligibility/tax status is confirmed, and they are background checked with a 10-year lookback.

Registrants with any history of violent crimes or theft on record will not be allowed to work.

As talent work, they are continuously rated by businesses. Talent who exhibit unprofessional behavior are suspended from Croux.
Are Croux talent e-verified?
Croux talent are 1099 independent contractors and therefore are not required to be e-verified.
How does payment work?
You will be required to attach a payment method to your account during sign up. There is a monthly subscription fee that will be automatically charged to your payment method on-file. When talent complete their shift, your payment method will be automatically charged for the shift amount you set plus our shift-filled fee.
Do you have an enterprise plan?
Yes! Please contact us to learn more about our enterprise plan.

Still have questions?

We'd love to provide answers. Contact us today.